Beautiful Minds Inspires Others.

I’m thankful to those I love and care,

It’s those that hold me when I’m in dispare

The warmth of their cuddles, their kisses and hugs too.

It’s fills me with warmth and feelings so new.

With a network of support from professionals and those not,

Makes me feel secure, something i’ve learnt to adopt.

Whatever happens within the centre of my chest,

Explains my mind isn’t all that great, but proves my heart is best.

I’m not saying by all means, it works for all.

But for me personally, it depends how strong I can be, by smiling and standing tall.

We are different in many shapes and forms,

For me, it’s strange, it was like I was drying in a thunderstorm.

My life isn’t great and nor is it perfect

With attempts of suicide and being abused too, I felt more a reject.

I’ve grown to think it’s normal when it’s not,

I woke up in the garden, wet and cold thinking I had lost the plot.

So my advice to you; be brave, smile, speak up and don’t pretend

Otherwise like me, you’ll suffer and apprehend,

Stand your ground and don’t be bullied,

Stay strong and walk with pride, be your own person and show your good deed.

Through words and experience I hope to inspire,

I pray that a persons hope doesn’t expire.

With love, experience and use of my expression,

Through time and trust, truth and hope, but forever remember there’s no such thing as perfection.

Don’t fake smile and pretend to be okay,

Just be you, live and love, through each day.

Whether your down and as many day blue, just simply be yourself and pick your colours

Through joy and happiness, beautiful minds inspires others.

– James Keenan


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