The Tiniest Feet

Every time I look at a twinkling star,

I just think of you as if you are saying hello from afar.

A love you, my little baby girl, just as if you’d lived for years.

No more, no less, I think of you, the angel of my tears.

Life was just starting, but with no heartbeat heard, you soon vanished.

I know that’s when I ached and my heart demolished.

I named you Skye for a reason, a reason because you’ll always near,

I feel you closer through prayer and tear.

Though we didn’t meet in person, i’m sorry we had to part,

I just wished I had the opportunity to hear your little heart.

A heart of gold stopped beating, two smiling eyes closed to rest.

God broke my heart to prove, he only takes the best.

It’s unfortunate how things turn out and what directions our lives take,

But on your anniversary, my breathing shallows reminding me of the heart ache.

I will hear your tiny feet, in the patter of the rain,

Gentle drops like angels tears of joy and not from my pain.

You may be afar, however I did name you Skye,

A place you can look up to, when you want to talk or cry.

I just which I could hold you, where i’d hold on tight and wave my fingers through your hair.

Oh why can’t you be here, oh why can’t I hold you, I just want you back and be my own cuddly bear.

-James Keenan


9 thoughts on “The Tiniest Feet

    1. Thank you so much, she would have been 4 in October past. If only things where different, silly wee things like telling her off or letting her stay up mla the to watch her favourite movie. Please feel free to reblog and share.

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