Our Jack!

You know growing up I’ve had pets, some extreme and that most would call normal. Birds, turtles, fish, rabbits, cats and dogs…

But in August and months prior to the date, Andrew and I spoke of getting a puppy, preferably a pug. I mean how adorable are they, fat and lazy so went to our local kennels to see what we could find; we been a couple of times, however we missed by days the pugs that where available. We where gutted, however the cries and barks of the other dogs made us look around and there where many large dogs, medium sized puppies and and actual 8 week year old pups. Andrew instantly fell in love with the puppies, but one dog stuck out for me.

Gated he was, a cross breed unknown and his nose sticking out through the gaps of the gate, an unknown cut to the head and handed in due to a family divorce. He was gorgeous, medium sized dog at 8 months, we asked could we take the little bruiser for a walk and that we done. It was great, that feeling inside of feeling complete,

Jack was his name and every command given he acted out. I still to this day, believe we didn’t chose Jack, the little rascal chose us! Before we went home we took him on his first official walk along the beach the byes beneath the mourne mountains, but despite only in our care less than an hour; he never ran far from where we stood and came when called.

Before taking our new addition home, we introduced him to our family, showed him off and how proud we where to have a dog who looked so beautiful, had a gorgeous coat and followed commands, the only downside was he was a jumper, hyper, loves people and plenty of cuddles.

Our Jack is a dog we proudly call our boy, he’s precious to us both and despite some of his bad habits like puppies have, we love him dearly and what a wonderful way of therapy to have as company and to get you out walking. Reading my previous blogs you’ll have have understood by now that I am emotionally unstable and despite the the mood I’m in he’s always jumping over me, trying to edge his way up on the sofa and adopt for cuddles. However when I’m down and alone, he his the best company and as much as many wouldn’t admit it, I cry a lot, so much so after watching Pat Butchers death on EastEnders; I had to change my bed; anyway…. When down and upset, Jack will know and will instantly come in for a cuddle, give you too many licks and cry along with you.

He’s definitely a keeper and now one year old, he’s a chap who doesn’t get one walk or two, but sometimes 3 times… he not just a dog, he’s our dog; he’s our Jack!!

To those who are looking company or looking their first dog, look out for kennels and rescue a dog like we did with Jack, not just therapy, or an excuse to go for a walk, but you’ll gain somewhat company, but more of a best friend. Jack is our family!

– James Keenan


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