What is your thoughts on music when feeling down or in despair? Do you think music can make you feel better or worse?

I love music, music of all kinds from classical to R&B to even country and rap, my music taste varies and each and everyday. Unfortunately I don’t sing or play, but do you ever listen to a song for the first time and it sends shivers down your spine and the hairs on your arms stand? I do it all the time!!

I believe the feeling that connects us to music is a beautiful and powerful thing. Lyrics tell a story and you may hear a song for the first time and instantly you feel that connect, you feel the emotion, you hear the story you want to tell. Someone else is singing how you feel.

It’s now believed that music therapy can be a huge help to a persons mental health. Unfortunately music will never cure mental health, but it can certainly reduce it by half.

I’ve has struggled all my life through different situations; being bullied, abused, battling depression, challenging suicide and mental health recovery. Although how I may feel now in reflection to those moments, a simple song with a beautiful lyric can make a huge difference to your thinking pattern and behaviour and eventually changes your outlook on life itself.

Music has helped me loads, it’s played a huge part of my recover for sure and there is a few obvious songs and artists that others may feel connected too. One song may work for one and not an other and what works for me, you could detest.

So what are your pick me up songs, lyrics that you can relate too or music that tells your story?

Here are a couple of my favourites that pick me up straight away and helps me find my identity allowing my strength to show.

“This Is Me”

Written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul and released in December 2017 by Atlantic Records as the promotional single for ‘The Greatest Showman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’ and performed by the beautiful and fabulous Keala Settle.

‘This Is Me’ is a song that relates to my whole entire life having enduring a lot of hurt and trauma, being judged for who I am, how I look and now my mental health. These lyrics and the passion behind Keala’s voice is for me, a good old ‘two finger’ up yours salute to all those donkeys that bullied me, the people who abused me, those who were my friends and judged me for accepting my own sexuality, the closest and dearest who turned their back on me during the months I needed them most.

I now know my worth and with thanks to this song, i’ve realised this is who I am, i’m good enough and if you don’t like it, it simply doesn’t matter!

“Rise Up”

This beauty was written and song by Andra Day, lyrics to what was to suppose to be a was prayer for a friend who was sadly diagnosed with cancer.

The beautiful lyrics and how Andra sings the song is overwhelming. The song it’s self has help me through mental ill health and numerous suicide attempts, but finding that connection between the lyrics and I has given me a sense of purpose in a bid to stand up to my mental health, stand for who I really am and how much I matter.


A powerful song that gives hope to anyone who has been a victim of sexual violence to heal and recognise themselves as survivors. ‘Praying’ was offered to the outstanding Kesha by music legend Ryan Lewis who co-wrote the moving tribute with Ben Abraham and Andrew Joslyn. Kesha’s vocals are so huge she gives you an insight to her own personal story. No better song can bring you hope like this one.

Allow music to be your therapy, you just never know what it can do for you.


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