Jack was our pup, a puppy so precious we had to rescue. He was adorable and his love was so powerful. Jack started our family and we felt so complete.

When we rescued Jack, Andrew and I where in a good place. I was in a good place. I felt great, proud, loved and wanted. Jack provided all these emotions.

I was admitted to hospital after falling ill with mental ill health. He was a fantastic comfort and a medicine on its own. I needed to be hospitalised and with Andrew working all hours to make up two persons wages. I spent October through to January in hospital and on days able for home, Jacks love was extreme, a good extreme. His presence was powerful.

Jacks love towards Andrew and I was something else, but due to the circumstances behind my health we had to put Jack into kennels temporally until I came well enough. One month, two and three it was just unfair to play with his emotions so for Jacks best interests, wellness and welfare we came to a mutral decision involving tears and heartache that we needed to find him a new home.

Finding Jack a home came very difficult and his departure was heartbreaking and unfortunately The pain hasn’t eased. didn’t Andrew felt the heartache too and the tears he shared broke my heart. I wasn’t just losing Jack, but a bit of Andrew was gone too.

We dearly miss him and we wish he was still torturing us, but we realise that our decision then was for the best and now we only hope he is being loved to the same levels we loved him.


There where dogs and bitches, puppies both big and small.

Behind the gates a dog so beautiful proudly stood so tall.

Tail wagging and his tongue hanging through the gaps of the gate,

He seemed to cool to be true and we met through fate.

We rescued Jack and he quickly became our pride and joy.

He was our best friend, he was our precious Boy.

He was a gentle soul and loved a cuddle.

He knew when I was down and comforted me with a snuggle.

It was out of my control and no long could I manage,

It was for jacks best interest to find him a new home & that was a challenge.

He was our wee family, he was more than just our jack,

If only things were different, we’d do anything to have him back.

Now Jack has parted to a loving family he will experience something new.

If he only understood, i’d want him to know we truly loved you.

– James Keenan

17 thoughts on “OUR JACK

  1. Am expecting another post and awesome  pictures like this as I view the pictures in your post.

     You really make my day reading and viewing this one.

    Thanks. Again. You can check me up on my blog also


    Peace and Love

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  2. Letting Jack spread his love elsewhere was surely a tough decision. Perhaps imagining the new ripples of warmth and love and happiness he will bring as he lands in someone else’s ‘pond’ will bring you joy, even in his absence.
    – love & light (and belly scratches)

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  3. Hi,
    I started crying when I started reading the poem. This was beautiful and really sad. Is there any way the new owner can let you visit the dog? Perhaps you can have a dog sitter come in so you don’t feel you’re neglecting your dog.
    I am a dog lover. We have 3. Tough call, man. I feel for you.
    I met you at Nikki’s Meet and Greet with a Twist she held last weekend.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That’s what I write about. I also have Meet and Greets like Nikki. I blog over at MostlyBlogging.com. Nice to meet you.

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    1. Hi Janice, thank you for you kind words but apologies making you cry. It’s tough decision, which had to be made; unfortunately. Please feel free to read my blogs, share in aid to spread awareness. James


  4. Sad but necessary James, the love you and Andrew have for him is mighty. You are thinking of Jacko’s welfare, a brave move by you both. Keep strong, think of you often. xxx

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  5. Losing a pet is hard. I’m sorry. You did your best to care for him. It’s great that you’re aware of your limits and found a home where he can get his needs met. Best wishes to you.

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