Today I’m grateful to be able to breath.

Today I’m grateful for life which gives me a purpose.

Today I’m grateful for what the Universe sends me.

Today i’m grateful to have Andrew in my life as my boyfriend and soul mate.

Today I’m grateful to have all the positives in my life at present.

Today I want to show gratitude for the moments I’m able to control my anxiety.

I want to show gratitude for my Nephews.

I’m grateful for my siblings.

I want to show gratitude to my Mother.

Today i’m grateful for the talents, skills and knowledge that I carry.

Today I’m grateful for my ears, giving me a purpose to hear inspiring songs like ‘This is me’ by Kerala Settle.

I’m grateful for all the opportunities life has to offer to all those persons who struggle.

Today I’m grateful to have inspirations in my life.

Today I’m grateful for recovery.

Today I’m grateful to have been able to travel loads.

Today I wish to show gratitude for this great television commercial starring Professor Green.

Today I’m grateful to learn.

Today I’m grateful for all the positives, the good energies and what the universe has set ahead for me.

Today I’m grateful to be able to smile.

Today I’m grateful to be proud to call me James.

Today I’m grateful for gratitude.

– James Keenan

16 thoughts on “TODAY I’M GRATEFUL

  1. James- thank you for being the first person to respond to my latest post. I haven’t been inspired lately to write and for some reason I kept thinking this week about my clients. I think about the things that I am grateful for everyday :). I was pleasantly surprised to see that you’re from Ireland, I am proud of my Irish heritage 🙂

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      1. Well most of my Irish heritage comes from my paternal grandmother, both of her parents were 100% Irish, their surnames were O’Farrell and Dunne. My other grandparents all had a lot Irish in them and English as well. You live in northern Ireland? Have you ever been to America? Traveling to Ireland is on my bucket list 🙂

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      2. Hey that’s pretty interesting, I have relatives dating back to to 1800’s and 1900’s on my Grandmothers side. I live in Northern Ireland, i’m originally from Belfast however I moved to a fishing village called Ardglass in County Down and now happily living in Downpatrick, which is famously known for the burial site of St. Patrick, so we celebrate big here. I’ve been to America a lot of times. What part you from? 🙂


      3. lol, i started looking at prices for flights to Ireland! (just for fun, can’t quite go yet). Ireland is so beautiful. Yes, I love living in the Pacific Northwest. We have everything-beach, mountains/skiing, desert, lots of lakes, rivers, etc.

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    1. Purpose is the most important thing, to breath, to wake up, to stretch, to speak and smile. Things get easier when you realise the things that are taken for granted are over seen by negatives which allows ourselves to oversee the little things that mean more than anything that brings us the comfort we deserve. x

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