Today I found time to reflect on what is important in my life and how far I have succeeded.

I think art for me is a good kind of therapy. To be able to express something so small, yet tells a huge story.

This Buddha head I purchased for £1.00 and I decided to paint it. The colours represents the LGBT+ community, being the colours of pride. I wanted this beautiful piece of art, To stand it and it does. It’s not perfect, but it sits in my study room next to my laptop.

It represents me in a lot of ways and that is exactly what I wanted. The pride colours to represent my own sexuality, the Buddha it’s self I look up too for a life direction and guidance during meditation. I have been to Cambodia two times to volunteer at a local NGO and it was two experiences I’ll never forget. Whilst during my stay in Cambodia, I adopted to the local pagodas and got involve during their prayers of the Khmer Buddhist Monks. I can’t but reflect of this experience on a daily basis.

Buddha fills me with so much purity, joyfulness and pride.

I travelled out to Siem Reap, Cambodia to carry out house builds for a fabulous NGO Volunteer Building Cambodia and to meet up with a penpal. During my journey, I met some beautiful kind hearted people, those I can now call friends and privileged to meet those locals who’s smiles beamed beyond happiness. In reflection during my time in Cambodia, I took an interest in meditation and did this at a local pagoda while listening to the chanting of the monks. I took a great interest in this and still today I enjoy listening to the chants.

On my journey back home to Ireland; I took time to reflect on the goodness I gave, the faith I carried and the self belief I was destined for. I came out to my family as bisexual and a year later I found myself in a relationship with a man, a guy I love and adore, a person I am proud to call my hero and the man of my dreams. It’s now a year and a half we have been tight handed and still very much in love. Im now very much comfortable with my sexuality and recognise myself as a gay man and have done so since meeting my handsome fella Andrew.

Today I made time to reflect in faith, purity and happiness, what I have succeeded in despite the life I led before. I’m thankful to the universe for all the beautiful things I have today, a supportive family and a gorgeous man, the power of my hands, legs and hands, my voice and the abilities that follows on.

Today I wrote the word success down in my sketch pad, success in what I asked myself. My answer; purpose. I’ve a purpose in this life, I’ve the power and ability to create my own destiny and believing in the law of attraction and the good the universe can bring.

I’ve overcome some of the toughest days of my life, suicide attempts, mental health and today, tomorrow and everyday from now on in, my recovery is my justice and now a survivor of historic sex abuse,

I can be whoever I want and with the greatness, the power and the universe together, I stand tall in great pride, in the colours I represent and the support from those I love close and far and all those I have inspired through blogging. May the universe continue to guide me in the direction to creating a bigger and better destiny.

– James Keenan

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