Despair and alone I stood waiting in hope to be noticed.

I wasn’t able to depend on my eyes when my imagination was out of focus.

I’m just a little boy I’m that awkward person.

This is a story of a boy growing up, this is my version.

I wanted to be loved, I wanted to understand.

I wanted to be a son, I wanted to be held by one or the other parents hand.

I stood out like a sore old thumb, with the expression of fear on my face.

All I ever dreamed of was to have a normal life to embrace.

A single thought of a dream and ambition was crushed in mind and that’s a fact.

I knew I wasn’t right from the very beginning of taking my first anxiety attack.

Man is the product of his own thoughts and what he thinks he becomes, however what’s a boys purpose?

I wanted, but couldn’t for I was captured in a life I couldn’t escape, feeling like a tired bear tied at a circus.

I needed to learn to be positive and optimistic attitude through the magic of my attitude.

My imagination takes me everywhere with the right mindset and showing grattitude.

My future will be what I have created and no-one will pass judgment of it, not now or ever.

I don’t want to be smart or ignorant, I don’t want to feel stupid nor do I want to be clever.

My journey began with acceptance. It wasn’t strength I needed, it was courage which led me to take my first step.

My first step in the direction of survival was a feel i’ll Never let go and will always accept.

I thought with my courage of chasing my demons, I’ll be open to receive.

Although it’s not as easy, but I’ll try not one, not 100 times but more. I know I will succeed to achieve.

The beauty I soon found led me on a journey of reality. I connected with the universe as beautiful as it could be and adopted my inner soul.

I chased my dream, I fought my way through the worst bits and found my inner soul. So now in reflection I’ll keep practicing and gain another goal.

– James Keenan


  1. Beautiful words darling! So proud of you, your journey and what you’ve achieved. Remember, fighting never stops, being the victim does. You’re a survivor, my survivor and I love you. ❤️ Xxx

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