My family you are like a circle, a trail with no gaps and never ends,

There are times when it may break, but somehow in time it always mends.

I’ve now been a brother for almost thirty years,

The arrivals of my little sisters brought me happy tears.

We’ve been enemies and best friends too,

Even through the darkest day, we’re still stuck like glue.

We stick together during events good and bad,

We know how to give a hug when one of us is sad.

My precious little sisters so loving and kind,

When we are together we’re powerful combined.

It’s been almost thirty years and I’ve had time to reflect,

For the path that you sisters take, I have nothing but great respect.

You have your families and now you’re maturing now,

But I still as a big brother I question why?

Yous are the apple of my eye, the heart of our family tree,

I love each and everyone of you and I know you love me.

Together we as siblings are inseparable,

Cherishing each moment and making them


I’m your big brother and I still turn to you,

Yous are the same and you can turn to me too.

You aren’t just my sisters, but you’re my inspiration,

For it will always continue throughout our life’s duration.

We may not always be together with life sometimes keeping us apart,

But that doesn’t matter when we’re buried in each other’s beating heart.

So in happiness and filled with love, i’m gonna shout out loud,

You my sisters I love yous so dearly, thank you for making your big brother proud.

– James Keenan

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