A poem written by myself expressing the gap of emptiness that should have been filled by my father.

There where days of hatred and lots of violence

I tried to stop, but you threatened my silence.

Why couldn’t you just be normal

Instead I have a life so abnormal.

There is a word I don’t believe in and thats perfection,

It’s all I wished using my arms for protection.

Why did you ruin something that could have been great

But you chose to walk when I was just eight.

I have little memory of what our family usually did,

For years I wished different, but god forbid.

Do I accept you for the person you are?

I couldn’t see past the wrong, it would be to far.

You couldn’t give me love, but you did to another,

Although I’m sad, I’m grateful I had my mother.

It seemed you were never around and didn’t try,

What I remember everything you told me was a dam right lie.

So tell me father, how can I love someone who doesn’t love me back?

Your just a man I’ve chosen to ignore, a man who doesn’t deserve my respect.

I’m happier than ever, for that is true,

I’m just to glad I didn’t turn out like you.

You are just a title and nothing more,

However thankful for my siblings that came in four.

A father you are and tittle you don’t deserve?

If you where here now you’d have the nerve.

So my love for you has come to an end,

I’m done trying and wishing different, I’m not going to pretend.

You turned your back on your family for all you had,

You proved your role, you’ll never be my dad.

Author: James Keenan

James, 30, Northern Irish, Blogger, Inspiring Writer, Passionate in Mental Health Recovery & Suicide Prevention!

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