Hi Guys, James here, an ordinary guy from Northern Ireland enjoying life day by day.

Just a little about me; I have worked in the nursing sector for now fourteen years, Eleven of those years in private care and six years within the National Health Services. I have experience in many different areas of nursing, mainly adult care, dementia and emergency acute care, however after experiences of trauma, my mental health was triggered and I fell very unwell after attempts of suicide. Unfortunately I had to take a break from employment to recover mentally and emotionally whilst accessing mental health services and therapy.

I am fortunate enough now to feel mentally stable and very focused on recovery. I feel healthy and very optimistic with positive beliefs and self-discovery. I have now returned back to work, though to a different sector within mental health services. I feel lucky to have lived experiences in mental health to be able to reflect whilst providing opportunities for other people experiencing mental ill health by promoting hope and self-discovery whilst fighting for better care experiences within our services.

I started blogging as a hobby, but It has now become part of my lifestyle. I share my personal experiences through creative writing and I hope the end result gives readers inspiration. I’ve had so much positive comments, messages, likes and shares providing me with fantastic oppertunities to have poetry published, blog for other organisations and opportunities to write as a freelance journalist and facilitate course programmes onn mental health recovery.

There is such a broad range of negativity on many websites, news articles and especially across social media around life experiences, mental health and suicide which affect us all one way or another, it’s no wonder people are sceptical about exploring self-discovery and the realism of life.

Self development, personal development, personal growth or anything you would like to call it is a process in which people take a conscious effort improving their lifestyle, mental health and wellbeing. I am no expert by all means, but I can tell you I have had it pretty tough my entire life and through those experiences I have become a stronger person. I’m now at a place of contentment. So if you believe in hope, I believe here you’ll find the motivation to get you on the path towards your goals, dreams and ambitions.

I appreciate you are here reading my blogs and although I’m no expert of life coach, I’ll not offer advice or tell you what to do with your lifestyle, but I can provide you knowledge towards finding hope, positivity, opportunities and truth that you can overcome anything you desire.

What is important is to concentrate on you, be hopeful, discover who you are and the person you desire to be, have faith and trust in yourself that it’s you who controls all opportunities of your future, The law of attraction can change all aspects of your life. How lonely you may feel, you’re never alone. How lonely you may feel now, won’t last forever, for we can take this journey together.

I have been in the mindset that I was not good enough, I believed I was a failure and thought that my darkened life would never see light again. It was though, I struggled, cried and fought. It wasn’t an easy process, it was long, challenging and so many times I thought ‘I can’t do this’, but by taking small steps, accepting support, learn hope through education and acknowledging self-acceptance, I slowly made it to a safe place, a place of contentment. I found hope, trust, patience, recovery, self-discovery, new opportunities, confidence and a pathway to my destiny that I am comfortable to explore with inner-peace and positivity.