We are all different heights and weights, we all have different talents, we’re all from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, but we all have time. The only thing that we are given that’s common to everyone else is time. Who you are and what you become depends on how you use your time. We all … Continue reading ACCEPTING TIME


"THE UNTOLD HEROES" is a poem written by myself to celebrate the 70th year of our National Health Service in 2018. The poem is dedicated to all the NHS staff whom work extremely hard to deliver a high standard of care.


“THE SECRET” is a book and television documentary, written by the fantastic and beautiful Rhonda Byrne and it’s based on the law of attraction. I practice the law of attraction daily and by sharing my own personal guidance that works for me, I hope can be a beneficial to you allowing positivity to manifest in your life.


“BOY WHO’S GOOD ENOUGH” is a poem written by myself, which tells the story of how setbacks out of my control stole my dreams of succeeding to be a writer. Today I found these dreams and ambitions again and this time I’ll fight to get what I want. One day I’ll be a writer!