“MUSIC AND ITS LYRICS” is a post inspired by music and its lyrics that give me the strength to overcome my demons.

Hiding when exposing!

A poem were I try to hide my mental health, but expose it through writing.

Confirmed deceased!!

A poem written so quickly from the heart, it's not powerful or enjuring, it's just straight forward, I'll have no justice for the times of abuse that occurred.

Beautiful Minds Inspires Others.

A poem; Beautiful minds, inspires others!


A little about my inspirations, family, boyfriend, managers, friends and those famously known. Who is yours?

Hard is impossible!!

A poem on my Mental Health relapse; where I am now during recovery!

I’ll swear on that!

I’ll swear on that, a poem that describes my father. Through my eyes; he was a man who was never a father, but only ever looked at as a monster.