A poem written in dedication to all those brave who served for their country in World War I & II.

In a war that saw new weaponry technology,

Soldiers of war stay in trenches of agrology,

Friendships grew with soldiers of many nationalities,

In combat, soldiers who became friends counting their casualties.

Horrific experiences of soldiers in active combat,

who became targets and many became their enemies doormat,

Men and Women who served their time in war,

Struggled in conditions and sleeping on the floor,

The many enduring the most brutal forms of welfare known,

Losing friends and colleagues and no remorse shown.

Those soldiers where sent often and far away,

Many left and returned and some made to stay.

Some made to battle sore, to much became overwhelming,

Wounded, injured and bodily swelling, death occurring, and news began spreading.

Wanting home and journeys impossible,

In time, victory was won and outlooks looked possible.

Whilst this was World War one and two,

Forces to be proud of and together we thank-you.

-James Keenan